NEXgeneration Central dealer-only services help you get ahead and stay ahead!

At NEXgeneration Central, we take your business personally. Combining state-of-the-art technology and outstanding personnel, we provide our dealers and their customers with superior service—through our commitment to customer satisfaction, teamwork, and a constant attention to detail. We go above and beyond dealer expectations to enhance your service offerings and business.

We sell our services wholesale, to dealers only.

At NEXgeneration Central, we provide advanced monitoring and support services to professional alarm companies exclusively.  Our single objective is to help you grow your business and retain your customers. So our focus is always on you, the dealer. You can count on experienced and certified trained professionals delivering rigorous monitoring services and outstanding customer care, all using state-of-the-art technology.

We keep you and your clients 100% satisfied.

It’s not enough to provide superior monitoring services if your subscribers are not comfortable with the people they speak to when an incident occurs. That’s why we put a particular focus on the “human touch”—and constantly attend to details. Our staff is personable, friendly and attentive in their dealings with you and your clients. Nearly 100% of the dealers who use our services stay with us, year after year.

Capable help desk ensures top-notch, immediate client support.

Trained NEXgeneration Central operators diagnose and solve all first level problems. Those above first level are transferred to your on-call technician for follow-up and resolution. Our standardized processes ensure accurate contact logs and call activity monitoring.

Secure online access and reporting services give you the information you need to monitor and build your business.

Access your client accounts and records online 24/7 using our website’s secure dealer access and a high-speed Internet connection. Your user authorization and password provide access to our secure monitoring system. Once logged in, our advanced monitoring software makes all information immediately available.

Business reporting services facilitate your business decisions.

Our system infrastructure and SQL database contact all the client information you need. Since our software is Windows-based, reviewing client information for accuracy and generating activity logs on demand couldn’t be easier or more convenient!

Our rates help you be successful.

Our rates are competitive with any other central station out there. We’ll always meet the parameters you set, at a competitive price.

  Give your clients the highest quality central station services and advance your business!


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